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The extra virgin olive oil Il Cavallino of Bibbona among the best in Italy
published Friday, June 17, 2016

Terra Olivo 2015 It has established itself as the third most important global competition in EVOO World Ranking, which examines the results of all competitions worldwide on extra virgin olive oil.
A n c h and bred race was held June 6 to 10 in a land symbolic as to quell d 'Israel, in Jerusalem, a few steps from the Holy Sepulchre and the Mount of Olives.
Chairman of the bread is Antonio G. Lauro, a name among the best known in the international world of extra virgin olive oil.
Three days of careful tasting involved a panel of thirty tasters who examined nearly 500 samples of extra virgin olive oil with excellent results for the Italian patrol, as always very large.
To note the gala dinner headed by Moshe Basson, he considered the interpreter of Israeli cuisine of the future, but firmly rooted in the ancient traditions as proposes interesting interpretations of dishes "Bible" from the scriptures. The extra virgin it is obviously important component.
The exciting results for "Il Cavallino Special Edition" of Romina Salvadori, entrepreneur olive oil Bibbona, who finished in the top fourteen oils of Italy and was awarded the Gold Medal Grand Prestige. Still a prestigious award, among many received in recent months, which confirms, if ever proof were needed, the professional skills of the company even in a year like 2014 issue.
The jury in the presence of Israeli experts and experts Palestinians leaves open the hope that with a quality product as Il Cavallino Special Edition you can help with a small brick to the construction of the building of peace in the Holy Land.
The Cavallino Special Edition is obtained from the pressing of olives Leccio del Corno in purity and is an oil medium fruity-mild, slightly citrus with hints of bergamot, yellow flowers, tomato and green pepper. The palate is slightly bitter perfectly harmonized by the spicy and has very long persistence.
To make the most of their characteristics can be used as a sauce for pasta with octopus reef for the fish with salt, cook for a pigeon to pentolo. Also try with Tuscan herbs and ricotta ravioli, pasta with seafood in white, shellfish stew.


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