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Biofach 2019 - Into Organic
published Wednesday, February 13, 2019


BioFach in Nuremberg is a leading international trade fair for organic products. It is the meeting point for suppliers and decision makers from production and trade in the organic industry. Together with the Vivaness, the leading trade fair for natural personal care and wellness, they annually attract a highly qualified international trade audience. All exhibited Organic foods are certified under the EU Organic Regulation and the IFOAM accreditation guidelines, patron of BioFach.

On the whole the organisers welcomed on the 4 days of the fair, from 15. February to 18. February 2017, about 2535 exhibitors and 51450 visitors from 129 countries on the Biofach in Nuremberg.

The Biofach will take place on 4 days from Wednesday, 13. February to Saturday, 16. February 2019 in Nuremberg.



New York International Olive Oil Competition 2017 - The Cavallino Special Edition Leccio del Corno wins gold medal
published Tuesday, May 2, 2017

93_premi-04.jpg NYIOOC: New York International Olive Oil Competition is one of the world's most prestigious competitions and a showcase of great importance and prestige, which opens into the international market.
On April 27th, the prize winners were announced during a crowded ceremony attended by journalists experts in this field ,importers and restaurant representatives.
905 companies from 27 countries were judged , with 404 mono varietal labels, while 501 were blends.
Italy is the country that has received more awards 124 to be precise, including best in class, gold and silver medals, followed by Spain with 110 and the host United States with 71.
In this context, The Cavallino Special Edition Leccio del Corno has won the gold medal for the fourth consecutive year as "medium leccino from Italy". In fact, "Leccio del Corno"  is a particular cultivar, while the division of the US judges only includes "Leccino" type and  in the description of this oil it states: "The Salvadori family produces Il Cavallino from the rare variety of Tuscan origin Leccio del Corno. It has a high nutritional value, exquisite aroma and harmonious olive taste. "
After the recent double gold medal from Athens 2017, the bronze medal from  AVPA Paris and this is another prestigious award to add to the rich billboard of Romina Salvadori's Agricultural Olive farm.



Athena International Olive Oil Competition 2017 - double gold medal & best single varietal for Il Cavallino Special Edition Leccio del Corno
published Wednesday, April 26, 2017

92_double_golden.png In ancient Attica, the most beautiful and oldest olive trees were considered sacred plants and, by ancient law, it was forbidden to damage or uproot them, under incrimination of profanation. According to Greek mythology, the olive tree was the gift offered by Pallas Athena, daughter of Zeus, in the contest for supremacy over Poseidon.
Athens is thus one of the most deep-rooted places in the world in terms of the culture of the olive tree and of extra virgin olive oil.
Winning here the highest award with our Special Edition Leccio del Corno 2016, the double gold medal and jury's special award as ‘Best Single Varietal’, is a result that fills us with great pride and is the most prestigious crowning of a year full of determination and effort.
This is the fruit of the hard work and experience of three generations of olive growers, requiring continuous total supervision of the groves until the harvest, when olives are picked every morning and immediately pressed in the afternoon with a rapid extraction process focused on quality over quantity and subsequent preservation in a suitable environment.
At Il Cavallino, in Bibbona, Italy, nothing is left to chance. For this reason, in such an important competition as the Athena IOOC, the result is particularly rewarding. In this edition of the competition, 295 extra virgin oils from 9 different nations were assessed by a panel of 23 international experts from 11 different countries. As many as 92 oils were from different cultivars presented in the competition.
Only 17 of these oils can boast the highest level of recognition and only three Italian companies came in at the top of the classification. Naturally, among them was Il Cavallino di Bibbona with our special edition Leccio del Corno, classed as ‘Best Single Varietal Athena 2017’.
The prize-giving ceremony will be held in Athens at 6 pm on Saturday 22nd April at the Hotel King George II in Syntagma Square, after a special tasting of all the finalists’ oils.



Extra Virgin Olive Oil More Effective than Ibuprofen in Treating Menstrual Pain
published Friday, May 6, 2016

82_men4.jpg Daily doses of extra virgin olive oil taken two weeks prior to the menstrual cycle is more effective at reducing pain severity than common NSAID ibuprofen.

Moderate to severe menstrual pain, otherwise known as primary dysmenorrhea, is a common problem for women of all ages. However, it is more common in the teenage years than among women 25 years of age and over.

Menstrual pain results in loss of school and work hours, along with personal and social relationship issues. Therefore, chemical treatments such as the oral contraceptive pill and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen are commonly used to relieve pain symptoms. Unfortunately, chemical treatments do come with side effects, which some people cannot tolerate and which may not be a viable long-term option for young women.

In a single-blinded crossover trial, published in Scholars Research Library, sixty female students between 17-30 years who suffered moderate to severe menstrual pain, with a pain severity above four on the VAS score, were evaluated over six consecutive periods. The first month established the baseline VAS score, with each group undergoing two different interventions for a period of two months, with a four-week washout period in the middle of the trial.

Group one took 25 mLs of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) for two months, starting the dosage two weeks before the beginning of each menstrual cycle. After the four-week washout cycle, they were given 400 mg ibuprofen three times per day during the first three days of menstruation. Group two received the same treatment but in opposite terms, ibuprofen during the first two cycles, then EVOO for subsequent cycles after the washout period. Pain severity data was logged for the first three days of each of the menstrual cycles.
There was no difference in pain severity between groups at baseline, an average 6.7 VAS score. However, the difference in pain severity was significantly different during the interventions, decreasing to 3.8 for the ibuprofen group and 1.1 for the EVOO group. There was also a significant difference between the groups for the first two cycles. The group taking ibuprofen during the first two cycles had a pain severity score of 4.7 for month one and 3.8 for month two. While the group taking EVOO during the first two cycles had a pain severity score of 2.4 and 1.4 for the two consecutive cycles.

Extra virgin olive oil is well known for its anti-inflammatory capacity. Previous studies have shown that oleocanthal, a polyphenol in EVOO, suppresses prostaglandin (an inflammatory molecule) production along the same pathways as ibuprofen at a rate of approximately 10 percent the capacity. It has also been shown that daily EVOO intake does have a cumulative effect on the production of pro-inflammatory molecules.

Until recently no other studies have explored if EVOO could be a viable alternative to ibuprofen in treating menstrual pain. As this study shows, taking 25 mL EVOO two weeks before the menstrual cycle does appear to significantly decrease pain. This is wonderful news for women who suffer with such pain because EVOO is a safe, natural alternative that can be used by a majority of individuals without ingesting chemicals and having to suffer the accompanying side effects, yet still providing much-needed pain relief.




Bronze medal for the Cavallino Special Edition for the 2015 edition
published Friday, May 6, 2016

Only one winner, regardless of the category and country of origin: this is The Magnificent in its final formula. As is known, the non-profit Association Award The Magnificent was born in memory of Marco Mugelli and Massimo Pasquini, the memory of which is called the premium. In line with the teachings of the two teachers who have strongly affected the quality of extra virgin Tuscan arisen before, and Italian and international then, the founders have decided that The Magnificent should be a prize that will be awarded each year to the oil It received the highest score from the tasting panel.
So the best oil ever, whether Italian or foreign, because the excellence have no borders or barriers, and the tasters do not have and should not have prejudices. On the other hand, the association was founded with the intention of identifying excellence and to help them to emerge on the international market, at the same time promoting a correct perception of the oil among consumers. The Magnifico is an independent award, and as such capable - thanks to the collaboration with expert panel and mature - to identify the best products in the world in total transparency and impartiality.
This year, the extra virgin olive oil Il Cavallino has brought home a wonderful third place!



Upcoming events
published Thursday, January 28, 2016

We look forward to the upcoming events where you have the chance to taste for yourself the balance and aromas of extra virgin olive oil of Il Cavallino, recently awarded large and prestigious awards.
EXTRALUCCA 2016 - LUCCA 13 and 14 February
The harvest 2015 is a year for great especially the territory of Bibbona, place of origin of extra virgin Il Cavallino.
The Cavallino Special Edition monocultivar Holm Horn comes to the judgment of experts and enthusiasts on 13 and 14 February 2016 edition of ExtraLucca, the prestigious event, now in its fourth edition and designed by Fausto Borella, Maestrod'olio Lucca, student Gino Veronelli. It comes with a credential of great prestige: the Special Edition of the Horn Holm 2015 was winner of the Crown Master oil 2016. The ceremony for the award will be at the Teatro del Giglio in Lucca on 12 February at 21.30.
On February 13, at Palazzo Ducale will see cooking demonstrations with Cristina Bowerman of Glass Rome, Michelin star, and Terry Giacomello dell'Inkiostro of Parma, vertical great wines (Pinot Blanc Terlan and Rancia Felsina), plus tastings of virgin oils and food products.
On February 14, however, will take place the performance of Leonardo di Carlo, Judge transmission BBC1 "The biggest confectioner", Giorgione of Gambero Rosso Channel, two vertical great wines and, for those who keep their health, a meeting with the Sara Farnetti nutritionist who will explain why a vegetable fried in extra virgin olive oil is a healthier diet and boiled vegetables.
All will be accompanied, again at Palazzo Ducale, tasting virgin olive oils and typical products of Garfagnana and Lucca, but also from the rest of Italy.
Lucca 13th and 14th February 2016 - Palazzo Ducale
Opening hours from 11.00 to 19.00
Free admission
0583 495164
SOL & AGRIFOOD 2016 - VERONA April 10 to 13
Closely linked to the Vinitaly, it is a prestigious showcase aimed at promoting excellence olive and agribusiness on national and international markets. The 2015 edition was attended by 65,000 professionals from 80 different countries.
Between Oil Bar and tastings of olive oil, you can get a complete overview of the best international productions, all accompanied by tastings of food products of excellence, prepared by famous chefs.
Verona - VeronaFiere - Viale del Lavoro 8
Opening hours from 9.30 to 18.30
Only for specialized operators. Compulsory registration



It begins the olive harvest
published Monday, October 12, 2015

"We started the harvest and the pressing of the olives and the first results are very satisfactory." So says a Romina Salvadori, owner of the farm Il Cavallino Bibbona, beaming with joy and his face lit up at seeing the hard work play in the fields rewarded by the beauty of the fruit harvest and the quality of freshly pressed oil.
"The 2014 is now just a bad memory," says Romina Salvadori. "It was a difficult year, but especially poor. We managed to obtain a product still excellent, as evidenced by the numerous awards won, but the reduction of the amount involved the problem of not being able to meet 100% of the required product from our customers. This year's harvest promises to close to normal in years of abundant harvest. Needless to make the comparison with the amount of 2014, let's just say that we will satisfy even the number of new customers many of which came from international markets, from the US to the Emirates, from Korea to Japan and China. "
The seasonal pattern has seen a cool spring with rains that allowed an accumulation of water reserves in the ground, then immediately it is made off the sun with its rays benefits, the great brightness and heat of July and early August that led maturation to develop perfectly, progressive and balanced. There have been attacks of olive fruit fly in the area, so the work in the field was limited to soil care and control of plants.
"Now we control every day the state of maturation," says Romina, "and in this my father Franco has a particular sensitivity to recognize the perfect time of harvest for each variety and each plot. At sunrise we begin to gather in the chosen area and then in the afternoon we bring the harvest to our oil mill and we press immediately. Even the kneading is fast: get lesser amount, but the quality, the flavors and aromas are of an extraordinary level. "
This year we can count on the presence on the table and then in the kitchen of an oil of excellence. And this applies to both the "pearl" of the company as the monocultivar Special Edition Holm Horn and Maurino, but also for the traditional Tuscan blend, including the Organic is becoming an increasingly large productions of Il Cavallino.



The Cavallino Anuga Taste The Future
published Friday, September 25, 2015

75_anuga.jpg THE FARM "Il Cavallino" of ROMINA Salvadori,
Will be present at the appointment Anuga - Taste The Future. Many sources of inspiration in more than 280,000 square meters of exhibition space and, of course, great business opportunities: all this awaits you at the leading international trade fair Anuga.



Euro Toques International Prize for lifetime achievement to Annie's Restaurant Feolde Pinchiorri
published Friday, April 10, 2015

70_premio_Euro_Toques.jpg The event, to be held Tuesday, April 15, provides a professional course. 

The President of Euro Toques Enrico Derflingher during dinner show new ideas to bring Euro Toques Italy at the top in the next European Commission in Brussels This year Euro Toques Italy, the famous association of the most important Italian chef, held at the Baths of Montecatini the second edition of the International Euro Toques career. 

For the second consecutive year will meet important names in the world of food and wine producers to present the award to one of the ambassadors of Italian cuisine in the world. To get on the podium this year will be Annie Feolde (Restaurant Pinchiorri of Florence) who will receive the honor from the great chef and Maestro Gualtiero Marchesi. 

The program on Tuesday April 15 Association Euro Toques Italy 

-Path Gourmet: Saffron and extra virgin olive oil, one starts from 17.00 at the 'Hotel Belvedere in Montecatini with the training course "Saffron" by Croco & Smilace 

-at 17.45 begin training course "The Extra Virgin Olive Oil" by Riccardo Scarpellini, Marco Viola, Giorgio Franci and Romina Salvadori 

-at 19.30 Aperitif in the park of Montecatini Terme at the hall The roof based Oysters Oyster House, Salumi Ancient Court Pallavicini 

-at 20.30 Dinner at the Terme di Montecatini



The extra virgin olive oil Il Cavallino is waiting for you at the Prize of Bibbona
published Monday, March 30, 2015

69_premio.bibbona.jpg Following is celebrated with the dinner in the town of Bibbona old, from 20:00, free admission.



TASTE FLORENCE 7-8-9 March 2015
published Friday, February 27, 2015

67_taste.jpg In a tasting journey of products submitted by 320 companies craft are unable to deepen the gastronomic wealth of our country. But there is a product that everyone can boast of a nobility of origin due to the profound link between its organoleptic qualities and the healthy: the extra virgin olive oil. This product has returned from one of the worst years that human memory memories. But it is precisely in this situation that the professionalism, tenacity, love for their work and their land emerge to give a product reduced in quantity, but of great quality value.


From the farm "PONY" of ROMINA Salvadori,

The Cavallino® with more than 16,000 old olive trees and a tradition of production that has lasted three generations came out an oil that is reaping prestigious awards, prizes and citations to testify its absolute quality. Repeated treatments and timely, but especially rapid response, immediate collection and crushing, mixing very fast to record high oil intense fruity and harmonious taste and snappy. Company boast the monocultivar Leccio del Corno.
The Cavallino will be present at the appointment most delicious of the year, designed by the famous "Gastronauta" Davide Paolini, involving Florence and Tuscany whole with a phantasmagoric swirl of surprises and events.



The sensory path to Cibus
published Monday, April 28, 2014

58_sisterxsister_cibus.jpg Il Cavallino leading to sensory path at "Cibus," International Food Exhibition.

International Food Exhibition
Pavilion 7 Stand D024
5 - 8 May 2014



Il Cavallino on Channel 5
published Wednesday, April 16, 2014

40_gusto.bmp The extra virgin pony protagonist of a recipe submitted to TG5 taste.

Watch video



Yearly Index of the World's Best Olive Oils
published Friday, April 11, 2014

55_best olive oils.png Extra virgin olive oil "Il Cavallino Special Edition" was included in the prestigious annual Index of the best olive oils in the world of the year 2014. 

Each April in New York, during the event NYIOOC (New York International Olive Oil Competition), a group of international experts tasted more than 700 extra virgin olive oils from every corner of the globe, to determine which deserve to be recognized as the the best olive oils in the world. 

The extra virgin Il Cavallino has carved an important place in this year and its review is visible on the website:



The oil city at the center of the world
published Tuesday, February 12, 2013

45_logoextralucca.png Il Cavallino in this "City of the oil at the center of the world" 15, 16 and February 17, 2013 - Lucca



The spicy cuisine and the wine just signed Peperita
published Tuesday, February 12, 2013

43_pep.jpg The pony Special Edition Mentioned in the article "The spicy cuisine and the wine just signed Peperita"

43_pdf.pdf pdf.pdf

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