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History The Salvadori "Il Cavallino" born in Montescudaio, a small hilltop village a few kilometers from the sea in Cecina, where, forests, vineyards and olive groves welcome to those who approach. For a tourist several years ago it was not hard to find Peter with the children in their campaigns Pasquino and Salvo, intent on taking care of their trees and their vines, ready to offer a “mug” of wine to anyone who stopped to exchange a few talk. With the passage of time our olive groves are magnified, fell down in the valley, until it covers a large part of the country bounded by the town of Montescudaio, Bibbona and Cecina, some have been renewed, others are secular. If you go for a ride in our places there will be difficult to see any of us that, with the commitment and passion of all time, takes care of olive trees. For a decade we moved to the countryside of Bibbona, coloring the land of the silvery green of olive tree while remaining firmly anchored to our origins in Montescudaio, where among other things still grow a lot of our olives pressed in the mill family. Despite having a limited production Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Il Cavallino” has admirers all over the world, as every year, tourists to prove it on the tables of our zone, we will carry with them as a souvenir of Tuscany.
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Tuscany, a green cradle that lurks beneath the Apennines to protect themselves from the cold winds of the East; continues with sinuous curves up to bathe in the warm Mediterranean waters. A color palette that changes from season to season, from the intense green of its spots, the pastel colors of its fields, its silver shimmering olive trees blowing in the wind. In this frame was created and developed the centuries-old tradition of the family Salvadori, an art handed down from father to son that is renewed over the years, an art that has combined innovation with tradition respecting the rules laid down by their ancestors. “Il Cavallino” was born in the countryside of Bibbona (LI), in the small flat strip that joins the hills to the sea, in the heart of the Etruscan Coast. Between Cecina north, the medieval villages of Montescudaio, Casale, Guardistallo and to the east, Castagneto Carducci south and the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago to the west. Which gives a unique area with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a unique taste absolutely unparalleled.
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Shimmering olive groves as far as the eye can see make an awe-inspiring statement in the otherwise barren landscape, greened only along the banks of a tributary that feeds the Il Cavallino farm. This is the birthplace of the acclaimed extra virgin olive oil, awarded since 2008 in "A Guide to the Best Certified Quality Olive Oil in the World", as the best evoo.

New York International Olive Oil Competition 2014: Extra virgin olive oil “Il Cavallino Special Edition” was included in the prestigious annual Index of the best olive oils in the world of the year 2014. Each April in New York, during the NYIOOC event, a group of international experts tasted more than 700 extra virgin olive oils from every corner of the globe, to determine which deserve to be recognized as the the best olive oils in the world.

Copenhagen International Olive Oil Awards 2014: rewards Extra Virgin Olive Il Cavallino Special Edition: The Special Edition monocultivar Leccio del Corno, has been awarded a prestigious “Certificate of Excellence” in the category of medium sized fruit. The recognition is added to the gold medal of the competition in New York and by the inclusion of the German magazine Feinschmecker among the 200 best oils in the world..

Mediterranean International Olive Oil competition 2013: Extra Virgin Olive Oil won the “PRESTIGE GOLD” award at TERRAOLIVO Israel 2013. The Mediterranean's most prestigious competition is held in the ancient city of Jerusalem near the Mount of Olives, where olive oil represents an important and ancient tradition.

International Olivinus Competition - Mendoza/Argentina 2013: Il Cavallino Special Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil won the 2013 International OLIVINUS Competition. Il Cavallino Special Edition was awarded with: Gran Prestige Gold and Best Packaging award. International Olivinus Competition - Mendoza/ Argentina 2012: Il Cavallino Special Edition Extra Virgin Olive Oil won the 2012 International OLIVINUS Competition.
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Our method of cultivation of the olive tree with the traditional system 8x8 distance from one to another. Total awareness in conservation of the harmony and beauty of the Tuscan region, where olive trees live for centuries. Collection of fresh fruit and squeezing of the olives made by with the most modern technologically advanced machines.
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